Biltmore Estate Cyclocross

This weekend marks the final two race events for the North Carolina Cyclocross Series. What makes this event special? Two things. 1) It will be held on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate. 2) This course won the bid for the 2016 Cyclocross National Championships. More details after the break.

Biltmore Estate:

The Biltmore mansion is the largest privately owned home in the United States. It’s construction was finished in 1895 by George Washington Vanderbilt. Today it features a very large home to tour, gardens, a winery, a village area for tourists to enjoy, and plenty of property to see. It is certainly a privilege to tear up the grass on such a fine estate!

The Course:

As the winner for the 2016 Nationals course, this is a unique opportunity to preview the course that the pros themselves will be grinding it out on. Also, there is a good chance that some heavy-hitters may preview the course themselves if they are in the area. There has been a hint through social media that the course will have some European influence; something that most NC racers don’t get to see very often.

Important Facts:

Because the event is held on private property, all racers and spectators must pay an $11 entrance fee for the grounds. For an additional $15, event goers can also get a ticket for the house tour. If you don’t know already, this is a smoking deal! It normally is 4-5 times that price to tour the home. Again, this is a great opportunity for anyone local, or anyone needing an excuse for a small, mountain vacation. I personally plan to attend and race on Sunday and will make much of my time there… vacation style.

For anymore info regarding the event, please direct yourselves here.



  1. Andy · January 18, 2014

    I don’t know that it is a “privilage” to ride at Biltmore and certainly not worth the extra $33 for me, my wife, and my 6-year old to go to an amateur bike race! I’ll be there racing on Sunday but if this venue is on the schedule for next year, let’s see if we can’t strike a better deal with the Biltmore people. Cyclocross is supposed to be about family and affordable fun folks.

    • David · January 18, 2014

      I understand your concerns. It is certainly pricier than the usual race. However, I called it a privilege simply because USA CX is not the most glamorous or well-funded genre in cycling. I personally enjoy its grass-roots type culture, but for Biltmore to recognize us and allow us to tear up there property is what I would call a privilege. CX is a niche sport. But as for the exact costs, I still consider it relatively affordable. On average, most guys are $2000 in the hole just for a bike and gear. I as well hope that the costs will decrease for next year, but am still thrilled to be out there tomorrow. Perhaps this year’s outcome will prove to Biltmore how fun and family-oriented CX truly is and we will get that better deal next year!
      Thanks for your post and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Good luck on Sunday!

  2. Larry · January 14, 2015

    Just home from Austin Nats-Already looking forward to next year. We paid $10 a day to park in Austin, so the $11 is not a big deal. Agreed that it is cool that we are invited to the resort. I would race this weekend if I was closer! Good luck to all racers-post some vid of course.

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