My Apologies + First MTB Race

It’s been quite some time since I have written here and I am sorry for that. Shop life has been incredibly busy and life outside of cycling has been busy as well. However, I have not stopped trying and experimenting with new products! Expect to see lots of reviews and write-ups that are MTB and Cyclocross related in the near future.

To catch you up to speed, I have been mountain biking frequently. Back in March I decided to get back into the discipline and have enjoyed every minute of it. So much so, that I took the opportunity to do my first local MTB race. I raced the 2014 Huckabuck XC Race. It was super fun, and I faired well. I will definitely do a few more local races; I think they are a blast and will also serve to prepare me for CX season.

Currently, I’m riding a 2014 Cannondale F29. It has treated me well and is a nice platform to ride local trails, as well as race with. Please look forward to some write-ups as I experiment with part swaps and upgrades.

Again, sorry for the extended time off, but this season should filled with lots of cycling and gear!


One comment

  1. Lisa · February 19, 2016

    How long has it been since you last rode now? I mean, I’m pretty sure you know this yourself, you’re missing out a lot when you’re not cycling, right? So I hope you find time to do so! 🙂

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